Pickleball combines fitness with friendship. Humor and laughter are common. And the spirit of the game is positive and supportive. An average doubles game lasts about 15 minutes. You don’t have to be strong. You don’t have to be athletic. Pickleball is not about power and strength, but more about strategy and accuracy. It is a competitive game for experienced players and a fascinating game for beginners.

We are a group of Pickleball enthusiasts intent upon expanding our group of about 300 regular players in the greater Chapel Hill area. Our members range in age from 45 to 85. We play nearly every day.. And we enthusiastically welcome players of all skill levels, ages and ability. If you’re an experienced player we’ll match your passion with equal zeal. If you’re a beginner we’ll teach you with patience and humor.

Best of all, we’re cheap and easy! Lessons, training and play are FREE! Equipment is provided. You must, however, wear appropriate athletic shoes.

Come play with us. We’d love to introduce you to “the fastest growing sport in the nation.”