Brief History

Pickleball was introduced to Chapel Hill in 2012 by Jim Wilson, who became the first USAPA ambassador for Chapel Hill.


Parks and Recreation and CHPB Relationship

Chapel Hill Pickleball (CHPB) works closely with the Chapel Hill Parks and Recreation department to support pickleball in Chapel Hill.  We have worked to obtain court time in local gyms, to build the 6 outdoor courts at Ephesus, and are working to create a 24 court pickleball complex at the Legion Rd site.  We providing programming, training, teaching for all pickleball players in conjunction with Parks and Recreation.  Jim Orr is the director of Parks and Recreation, and Robb English and John Brunner head up the pickleball efforts within Parks and Recreation.

Organizational Structure

The USAPA Ambassadors are the primary points of contact for CHPB.  They welcome your input, and will try their best to be responsive to any questions or ideas you have.   We have an advisory board that gathers and provides input on pickleball needs of our community, and helps with managing the multitude of pickleball events in our area.  Advisory board members typically serve 2 year terms.  If you’re interested or you’d like to nominate someone to be on the board, please inform the ambassadors.  We also have specific volunteers that help with tasks like marketing, promotions, etc.  (see About/Our Team).  If you’d like to volunteer, please contact the ambassadors.   We also have an stellar group of experienced players that serve as coaches/trainers (see Learn/Coaches).


There is no membership fee for being part of CHPB.  We currently try to have as much of our programming freely available as possible (leagues, scheduled play at Ephesus, etc).   There is a Parks and Recreation fee for using the indoor facilities.  This money is used by Parks and Rec to help support pickleball (purchasing balls, nets, etc).   Fundraisers (like tournaments) also contribute to Parks & Rec pickleball fund.    CHPB expenditures are tracking and annually reported.

2015-2016 Expenditures