Free Clinics

for all skill levels

Pickleball is easy to learn. But a challenge to master. Out of concern for your safety, the safety of our existing players and with consideration for the overall playing experience for everyone on the courts we strongly encourage you to participate in an initial training program with a coach  by signing up for one of our Beginner Orientation Clinics.

We have an Orientation Program that is very effective at jump-starting your introduction to the game of pickleball . And very qualified Coaches to conduct that class! Our Orientation classes are conducted multiple times a week—by appointment— before regular play begins. And classes are usually limited to four students.

You might also watch  several youtube videos of actual games. This, too, will help you internalize the game. Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything. Your coach will explain and demonstrate it all during your orientation. He/She will also play several “training games” with you.  Additionally, Thursday evenings at Ephesus Park have court time dedicated to beginning play, and often coaching is available.  

Click here to schedule an orientation session

Then when you are ready to begin just write and suggest a date to come in for your orientation.   We’ll contact you and  will work with you to find a day that works for you and our schedule. There are no fees associated with our clinics or with our pickleball play.  You will, however, have to sign a Liability Waiver before training begins. Sturdy athletic shoes are also required to play on the court.

We’re friendly, FUN, welcoming and ready when you are. Hope to see you on the court soon!

Intermediate Clinics:   Intermediate Skills Training Sessions are conducted outdoors at our Ephesus Park Facility in the mornings. This weekly hour-long clinic is open to all skill levels.  No pre-registration is required. Open play follows the clinics.

Advanced Clinics:  Advanced Skills Training Sessions are conducted outdoors at our Ephesus Park Facility.  This weekly hour long clinic is open to players rated 3.5 and above.  No pre-registration is required. Advanced competitive play follows the clinics.

Personalized Training:  Several coaches are available to provide custom training in small group format (usually about 4 people). Days and times vary. Consult the “Coaches” page for more information on coaches.

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For more information on advanced training, please contact the Director of Training and Advanced Play, Brad Hemminger, and indicate your interest.  He will add you to the Training/Clinics email list which is used to inform people about training clinics, including schedule updates. You can also consult our calendar which should have up to date listings for regularly scheduled training sessions.