Spring Ladder League Registration is OPEN

By February 12, 2018Announcements

Chapel Hill LADDER League Spring Season Registration is OPEN!

Email Mark Siewers (mark.siewers@gmail.com) to register. Details Below.

The ladders fill up quickly, so register soon!
Chapel Hill Pickleball Ladder Leagues will resume in March at the Ephesus Park outdoor courts. We will continue the same format as the previous seasons. There will be an Intermediate Ladder League on Monday evenings and an Advanced Ladder League on Wednesday evenings. Players will be placed in a group of four similarly ranked players and during their hour of court time they will play three games with different partners. With the ladder league format you do not have to be available every week, but you should be able to play most all weeks. Match times will be for one hour starting at either 6pm, 7pm, or 8pm.

League Play will begin the week of March 5th (INT on March 5th, ADV on March 7th) and conclude June 18th/20th.
If you are interested in participating, please send an email to Mark Siewers (mark.siewers@gmail.com), our ladder league manager, with your name, phone number and email, and which league you wish to play in (you may only play in one, but if you are flexible you may indicate you’re willing to play either, and indicate your first choice). The top of the intermediate league is competitive with the lower part of the advanced league, so players in that range will get good games on either ladder. Please email Mark asap to be included. We will then create the two leagues, and publish them at least one week prior to the first league games. Rankings will be based on your previous ladder position or estimated if you are a new player.

Monday Intermediate Ladder League games at 6,7,8pm

Wednesday Advanced Ladder League games at 6,7,8pm

Season runs March 5th through June 20th

Email mark.siewers@gmail.com to register.

We look forward to another great ladder league season, and hope you can join us!
Brad Hemminger

USAPA Ambassador

Ladder League Director