New USAPA/IFP Official Pickleball Rulebook

By January 25, 2018Announcements

Pickleball Athletes,

Big News! The new 2018 USAPA/IFP Official Tournament Rulebook has been issued for Pickleball. And some of the changes will affect all of us. The new rules go into effect January 31, 2018.

You can view the complete list of rules online via the link below:

IFP Official Rules

You can also view just the 2018 Major Revisions and clarifications listed in the new Rule Book at the following link:

(Note that this latter document is not intended to cover every wording change, but is designed to guide you through the significant rule changes.) Likely further clarification of a number of these rules will be available after the upcoming Ambassador’s Retreat in Florida.

Printed copies of these rules will be available for purchase soon from the USAPA and other sources. Brad and JB each now have a printed copy of the new rules and will make available a printed copy of these new rules in the storage box at Ephesus.

See you on the courts.

JB Marr
Brad Hemminger
USAPA Ambassadors